• Try to always eat at the same time, a simple way to regulate the body.


What causes you indigestion and how to avoid the feeling of heaviness in your stomach after eating? The copious and heavy meals, the spicy, icy drinks, eat fast without chewing well, the discussions on the table … are enemies of proper digestion. Learn what you should do and what bad habits to avoid at the table to facilitate absorption.

13 keys to prevent embarrassment and to make appropriate digestion:
Take care of the eating habits: 

Eat the right amount, little fat, little alcohol, and soft drinks, do not talk with food in your mouth, do not abuse spices, sauces, and spicy foods, do not lie down or make essential efforts after eating. Season heavy meals with digestive herbs and add parsley leaves to salads to prevent gas. Eat in a happy and pleasant atmosphere (the table well set, flowers, etc.). You have to eat at ease and with tranquility, learning to taste the food. Do not eat while in a bad mood, it is better to wait for it to pass.
  • Biting in a lousy mood causes anger to pass through to digestion and nervousness produces stomach acidity.
  • Chew each bite 30 times. Gandhi said: “Liquidate the solids and chew the liquids.”
  • Do not drink very cold liquids in food, as it hinders digestion. Avoid temperature constants, icy drinks, and very hot food.
  • Try to always eat at the same time, a simple way to regulate the body.
  • Take a vegetable broth (not fatty) before meals. For example, a glass of cooking water of artichoke leaves without salt.
  • Avoid bread when you eat meat or fish, slows digestion. However, it does not have that effect if you eat it with fruit.

Do Not Take Overheated Meals (Eye With The Microwave).

Avoid the desserts sweets and fruits best raw without food. It is not advisable to eat raw after eating, cooked feel better like roasted apples with a little cinnamon, digestive spice par excellence.

Finish the meal with a sweet after-dinner drink in small sips an infusion of digestive plants (rosemary, chamomile with anise, mint …), better than coffee that is more irritating.

Health tips to achieve a flat stomach and a voluptuous bottom

If you want to tone and flatten your tummy, but also want to keep your curves in strategic places like the back, you can start working the areas that interest you most with specific exercises and putting into practice a series of healthy lifestyle habits. Follow the basic health tips that follow to achieve a flat stomach and a more voluptuous rear area, and you will be delighting with your reflection in the mirror in a matter of weeks.

If you want to get an entirely flat stomach, you cannot just do hundreds of crunches, since these will make the stomach muscles stronger and maybe more significant, but they will not help you eliminate the fat that is already in the area. The fastest and healthiest way to get rid of fat is to burn calories by doing cardiovascular exercise for 45 minutes five times a week. Cardiovascular workouts work for the main muscle groups and also help tone your buttocks and buttocks. The American Heart Association recommends that American adults perform at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week to maintain their health status in optimal conditions. So if you want to lose fat, you’ll have to do even more training. After your doctor tells you that your health is good, choose an aerobic activity that burns a lot of calories such as running or swimming. If necessary, alternate the race with walking until you complete a minimum of 45 minutes of constant work. According to Vanderbilt University, running burns around 100 calories per mile, so in 45 minutes, you should be able to burn between 400 and 500 calories.

Squats (squats)

To get a firmer, voluptuous butt with a better shape, do squats. Squats are strengthening exercises that use the main muscle groups of the legs, such as the buttocks, the calves, the quadriceps and the hamstrings, explains Bethni Lown, a trainer at The Gym in New York City.